Welcome to Bergsala

Kungsbacka is home to the Bergsala Group's parent company, Bergsala Holding AB, as well as Bergsala AB, Bergsala Handic AB and Bergsala SDA AB.

The Bergsala Group employs some 50 people, with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion SEK.

A major part of the business is obviously the distribution of Nintendo products, but Bergsala also work with other exciting products, brands and businesses, which we will show on this website.

Bergsala was founded in 1976, and the cooperation with Nintendo started as early as 1981. Thus Bergsala is Nintendo's oldest business partner outside Japan. We operate in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic states.

Bergsala Handic AB was founded in 1988, and focuses mainly on consumer electronics and communications gear.

Apart from the wholly owned companies, we co-own quite a few highly interesting associated companies together with committed partners, who are truly dedicated to their products and businesses. Together we form a natural chain of expertise where we hatch game ideas, develop and market games, and finally distribute and sell complete games both through traditional and digital channels. You will read more about this on this website and, naturally, on the websites of the separate companies.

The Bergsala Group

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